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    Chari Thompson, MA LPC

    Grounded, Healthy, and Mindful, LLC

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    Brain, Mind, and Body

    My speciality and focus includes the whole body, and our ability to change. My current studies in this field, allow me to work with my clients through a more integrative approach. This approach uses science and psychotherapy to assist clients to find their own power to cope, change behaviors, and most importantly, heal.

    I graduated from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. During graduate school, I volunteered to conduct online counseling with individuals who were unable to attend therapy due to health concerns. These clients had a profound influence on my desire to counsel with those who are unable or tentative, to reach out for counseling.

    I seriously understand how scary change can be. You are the only person who can decide when it’s time to take control of your own mental health. Think about what it would feel like to truly, LAUGH, again. I am a professional mental health provider with profound experience in working with those seeking change. Change in your personal life. Change in your relationships with others. Change in understanding that you have the tools/power to reduce your own anxiety/depression. Change that you can choose not to carry your trauma forward.

    Please take the time to love yourself enough to seek counseling. Counseling will change your life by making you feel more secure in yourself, more self-confident, and even feel more energetic.

    I get super excited working with new clients! As a therapist, I treat each new client differently, depending on what is going on in your life. I also love, love, love, mental health research and education that I can share with you. It is my greatest hope that we can work together to help you start moving forward.

    I also offer a complimentary, phone consultation, for additional questions or concerns.

    I offer day and EVENING sessions.