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    Therapy for Trauma and Addiction: Food, Nicotine, Alcohol, Drugs

    Trauma can often turn on your brain’s alarm system leading to a fight, flight, or freeze response, long after the event is over. What happen’s next? Some people will turn to alcohol to turn off the alarm/triggers. Others may shut down, no longer trusting other’s and turn to drugs for company. Some, will self-isolate and turn to food for comfort. 

    Now we know and understand the neurobiology of trauma and how to recognize trauma triggers, and calm ourselves down, when needed.

    But, how?  Please reach out for a consultation to get started with a therapist who can explain how to re-wire your brain, and body, to stop your very own flight, flight, or freeze response. 

    Therapy will allow you the understanding behind the triggers and help start the brain, mind, and body’s healing process. This will help shut down the addiction triggers and in time, choose healthier options to cope.